Anonymous asked: I love you, your mentality, what you're about and what you believe in so much, thank you for being so adorable and gorgeous too😘😩



Anonymous asked: I love your blog its very intriguing. I was just wondering what are your thoughts on Lil Wayne as a rapper ?

Old Wayne > New Wayne


lostchildofthenewworld asked: You have honestly ruined "Hookah" by Tyga for me. lol I was cleaning and I had my speakers on loud. I literally started doing your dance. lol that song will never be the same for me.

i created something

s/o you and the kush that helped me make that video!





*pro era fan voice* my 3rd eye open

*pro era fan voice* beeeeeeast coast

*pro era fan voice* My chakras are aligned 47 


Anonymous asked: Favorite Big Krit Songs and do you think Cadillactica will be better than Live from the underground?

I’m rooting for it. After hearing the first single for the album I really think it can beat LFTU.

Favorite songs by him:

  • Gumpshun
  • Hometown Hero
  • Just Touched Down
  • King Without a Crown
  • R.E.M.
  • Only One (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Smoke DZA)
  • The Vent
  • Bigger Picture
  • Lac Lac (feat. A$AP Ferg)
  • Rise and Shine
  • Highs & Lows
  • Sookie Now (feat. David Banner)
  • Boobie Miles
  • 4EvaNaDay (Theme)
  • Red Eye
  • Country Rap Tunes